Sea Urchin Fertilization Laboratory

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Sea Urchin Fertilization Laboratory
Vic Vacquier developed a handout for university students on how to observe sea urchin fertilization in a university lab class setting. All that is needed are sea urchin gametes, a microscope, a few solutions and this handout. The handout works well for both 1 or 2 three hour labs. The student reads through the handout, makes the simple observations, and does the simple, direct experiments to gain insight into the fascinating process of sperm-egg interaction and egg activation.

Ocean Life Class for K-5

Class objective is to instill a sense of wonder and curiosity at the diversity of invertebrate life and forms in the ocean.

The worksheets that follow are suggested to be used in a class involving live marine invertebrates purchased from marine animal suppliers.

The discussions and activities depend upon the facilities available and the area of study of the host aquarium and lab.

Ocean Life Introduction

The oceans are rich with life, this sheet shows common marine invertebrates.

Ocean Life.jpg

Ocean Life Word Search

Word searches are fun for students of all ages. Here is a site that can be used to make puzzles and a list of terms to get you started.















Echinoderm Worksheet

This worksheet can be used as an introduction to echinoderms.

Echinoderm Worksheet.jpg

Cut and Paste Echinoderm Life Cycles

This image shows the life cycle of the bat star.

Sea Star Life Cycle.jpg

The students then cut and paste the bat star and then the sea urchin life cycle stages noting similarities and differences.

Echinoderm Life Cycles.jpg

Morphology Activity

This activity involves a worksheet for scoring morphology and then a cut and paste activity for scoring attributes.

Body Parts.jpg

Morphology Activity Page 6.jpg

Morphology Activity Page 2.jpg

Morphology Activity Page 3.jpg

Morphology Activity Page 4.jpg

Morphology Activity Page 5.jpg