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This page will provide links to additional datasets for various echinoderms organized by class.

Subphylum Echinozoa

Class Echinoidea (sea urchins)
Eucidaris tribuloides (slate pencil urchin)
Accession: GCA_001188425.1
Heliocidaris erythrogramma (short spined sea urchin)
Accession: GCA_025617745.1
Heliocidaris tuberculata (red sea urchin)
Accession: GCA_025618425.1
Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus (sea urchin)
Accession: GCA_003118195.1
Paracentrotus lividus (common urchin)
Accession: GCA_940671915.1
Temnopleurus reevesii (Reeve's sea urchin)
Accession: PRJDB12129

Class Holothuroidea (sea cucumbers)
Apostichopus japonicus (Japanese sea cucumber)
Accession: GCA_002754855.1
Apostichopus parvimensis (warty sea cucumber)
Accession: GCA_000934455.1
Holothuria leucospilota (black sea cucumber)
Accession: GCA_029531755.1
Holothuria scabra (sandfish)
Accession: GCA_026123075.1
Stichopus chloronotus (greenfish sea cucumber/spiky sea cucumber/black knobby sea cucumber)
Accession: GCA_021234535.1

Subphylum Asterozoa

Class Asteroidea (sea stars)
Acanthaster planci (crown-of-thorns sea star)
Accession: GCA_001949145.1
Publication: 2017
Asterias rubens (European sea star)
Accession: GCA_902459465.3
Luidia sarsii (starfish)
Accession: GCA_949987565.1
Marthasterias glacialis (spiny starfish)
Accession: GCA_911728455.2
Patiriella regularis (New Zealand sea star)
Accession: GCA_900067625.1
Publication: 2016
Pisaster brevispinus (pink sea star)
Accession: GCA_023634235.1
Plazaster borealis (octopus starfish)
Accession: GCA_021014325.1
Pisaster ochraceus (purple sea star)
Accession: GCA_010994315.2
Publication: 2020
UCSC genome browser

Class Ophiuroidea (brittle stars)
Ophiothrix spiculata (spiny brittle star)
Accession: GCA_000969725.1

Subphylum Crinozoa

Class Crinoidea
Antedon bifida (rosy feather star)
Accession: GCA_963402885.1