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This page will serve to list major communications with the echinoderm research community.


Virtual SAB Meeting and report, July 2024

EchinoClub presentation by Echinobase


Fall 2023 User Survey

DBSUMI October 17-20, 2023

Town Hall Meeting

DBSUMI SAB Meeting and report

Oral presentation, Chess


Society for Developmental Biology July 19-23, 2023

Poster presentation, Telmer


Echinobase is a Featured Resource at The Node.

Veronica Hinman at the 10th Aquatic Models of Human Diseases Conference presented a talk titled "Making a model organism knowledgebase: as a case study."

Echinobase White Paper titled "Enhancing the Impact of Echinoderm Research Systems."

Letters of Support contributed by community members

EchinoClub poster presentation titled "Echinobase, a community resource for echinoderm research."

DBSUMI April 5-9, 2022

Workshop by Hinman and Buckley, Echinobase, BAC recombineering


Peter Vize presented a talk titled "Echinobase: leveraging an extant model organism database to build a knowledgebase supporting research on the genomics and biology of echinoderms."

Saoirse Foley presented a talk titled "Insights towards the origin of metazoan phyla from echinoderm genes."

Poster presentations, Foley and Telmer

Spring 2022 Survey


EchinoClub presentation by Echinobase.

Fall 2021 Survey

SAB Meeting and report


SAB Meeting and report

July 13, 2020 new Echinobase release!


DBSU forum

DBSU SAB meeting

White Paper